This little snack was enjoyed sometime between Christmas and New Year’s, and is one of my secret favorites — no matter the season: gluten-free toast with cream cheese, fresh sliced tomatoes, and salt and pepper. So simple. So delicious



Garden Tomatoes

I’m in Michigan, visiting one of my dearest friends in Ann Arbor. Her boyfriend has transformed his front yard into a garden, and these tomatoes are part of the harvest. The little pear ones are my favorite.



I’m in Seattle for the nuptials of one of my best friends, and I’m staying for a few days with a most gracious host — my hilarious-and-fabulously-fashion-forward friend, Heath — who made me an amazing frittata this morning for breakfast. Ingredients included egg, Greek yogurt, half-and-half, tomato, red onion, basil, and parmesan. What you see on top is a mayo-and-sriracha concoction that added a yummy little zing. We ate on the rooftop. YES.