Kind of Like Poached Eggs

This picture’s from the old blog, but I kind of love it. And it’s also a good one of my new favorite way of cooking eggs. It’s kind of like a lazy man’s poached egg. I’m sure it has a real name.

Throw the eggs into a buttered pan at medium heat without breaking the yolks. Add a few tablespoons of water, and cover. You’ll see the surface of the egg cook into a sort of film. Treat it like a poached egg — cook until it’s hard(ish) on the outside and soft in the middle.

Served over home fries with thick-cut bacon and toasted Udi’s gluten-free bread.


Red Flannel Hash

This past saturday, I tried out a dish I had and fell in love with a while back at Brooklyn Label: red flannel hash. I started by boiling the beets.

RF 1

And simultaneously diced and pan-fried the potatoes (which I would later discover were a little underdone — note to self for next time).

RF 2

In a separate pot, I sauteed some onions for a minute and added the beets and potatoes. It might have made sense to consult a recipe at this point, but most of the time I’d just rather see what happens… I added some fried eggs on top, and immediately vowed to learn how to poach eggs.

RF 3
I added a little mixed greens and avocado and a side of bacon. Not bad.
RF 4