Warm Eggs and Kale

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted some iteration of this before, but just in case: warm kale + eggs = major yum factor.

To prepare the kale, add a little olive oil to a warming pan, wash the kale thoroughly, and break it apart in bite-size pieces right into the pan. Saute and add a pinch each of cracked pepper and sea salt (cover if you’re in a rush).

To prepare the eggs, do that stove-top-poaching-thing I feel like I’m always talking about: set out as if to fry the eggs, don’t break the yolks, add a little water, and cover. Cook till eggs are desired consistency (I like my yolk to run a little for this — there’s not really anything like the perfect bite of warm kale and just-right-runny egg yolk).

Eat this for any meal of the day. I’m currently eating it, and am in heaven (the red stuff on top is leftover pickled onion from takeout the other night).



I’ve avoided oats for as long as I’ve been gluten-free, but with the recent influx of gluten-free items in grocery stores, I noticed gluten-free oatmeal. The perfect breakfast for this time of year. I added raisins, raw cashews, and maple syrup.


Breakfast in the Bronx

I spent part of last weekend with an old friend up in the Bronx. A stone’s throw from where I lived my first year out of college in Riverdale. Oh, the 1 train! On saturday morning, we went to Malecon, one of several establishments throughout the city that serve awesome Dominican food at most times of the day. We had scrambled eggs, rice, red beans, and tostones.

uptown 1

I remember many years ago, being given some of this sauce for the first time, and feeling concerned about the color. But it’s indescribably awesome. It’s some kind of pickled garlic. very potent, and the perfect garnish for the tostones. I need breakfasts like this more often.

uptown 2



I’m in Seattle for the nuptials of one of my best friends, and I’m staying for a few days with a most gracious host — my hilarious-and-fabulously-fashion-forward friend, Heath — who made me an amazing frittata this morning for breakfast. Ingredients included egg, Greek yogurt, half-and-half, tomato, red onion, basil, and parmesan. What you see on top is a mayo-and-sriracha concoction that added a yummy little zing. We ate on the rooftop. YES.


Whole O’s Gluten-Free Cereal

I grew up eating Cheerios cereal a lot, and it’s one of the things I’ve lamented not being able to eat anymore as an adult (particularly the honey-nut variety). That is, until last weekend, when I noticed a box of Whole O’s gluten-free cereal at a local bodega-slash-quasi-health-food-store. They look just like real┬áCheerios! I added some almonds and dried cranberries. Slightly different taste, but pretty close to that same old satisfying crunch.

whole os