Coconut Lime Basil Chicken

I’ve been busy cooking up new recipes for the last few months, but haven’t blogged that much. I have good reason, though! I was supposed to be in Berlin for June, and housesitting in July, but instead spent the better part of the last two months recuperating from an inner ear illness that I would never wish on anyone. BUT,¬†one of good things to come out of getting sick was a visit to a nutritionist that led me to explore even more with food.

Tonight, I baked half a chicken. I’ve officially been dubbed “the half chicken lady” by a butcher at The Meat Hook, and have indeed been getting my fair share of half chickens. Once or twice a week, I stop in there to grab some poultry and either beef or sausage.

Follow these instructions and you’ll be glad you did:

  1. Cut and toss potatoes and onion in 1 generous TB of coconut oil
  2. Coat chicken in another TB of coconut oil
  3. Set chicken into pan or dish, and cover with lime juice, lime slices, and fresh basil leaves
  4. Add about 1/2″ of water to the pan or dish (I used to use chicken stock, but tried this once and it’s cheaper)
  5. Bake to desired tenderness, being careful to baste every 15 minutes or so, at 375 degrees. (Depending on the size of the chicken, I usually bake mine for 2 hours, give or take, till it’s golden brown and the meat falls off the bone.)

I usually mash the potatoes and onions afterward, or cook them further on the stove top to brown them up a bit.