Gluten-free Flour Can Work Like Real Flour in Sauce!

When I’m having a particularly annoying day, I like to slow-cook something delicious. So after getting some particularly annoying news today, I decided to make some chicken paprikash for a late lunch while I finished up some work.

The dish was, hands down, Oma’s favorite. The only catch is, it calls for a few teaspoons of flour — enough gluten to make anyone with a sensitivity feel it hours later. I’ve made the dish a dozen or so times since I’ve been gluten-free, and each time have had to apologize for the grittiness of the sauce, and the way the sour cream curdles as a result of using a flour substitute. Not today! I used Bob’s Red Mill garbanzo bean flour and it worked! I actually created a true gravy-like sauce for the first time since I’ve been a gluten-free eater?!

I wish the picture was more appetizing (and I should add that I normally serve chicken paprikash over mashed potatoes or rice, not kale as pictured here), but you can get a sense for the smooth texture, which isn’t easy to achieve with your usual gluten-free flour substitute.

I followed the recipe for “chicken paprika” from my mom’s old Joy of Cooking (1975). I don’t know why Oma pronounced it “paprikash,” instead, but… it sure does the trick. This warm, hearty (not low calorie!) mid-day dish just put a smile on this city girl’s face.


Veggie Bliss

This post reveals exactly why I started this blog: sometimes I eat the most random stuff (especially when I’m running out of groceries), and I want to be able to remember the concoctions when they work! I didn’t get a picture until I was almost finished, as I wasn’t convinced it would be a winner, so my apologies for the somewhat messy plating (or lack thereof). Here’s what I did: sautéed some minced garlic and onion in olive oil, added leaves of kale, quarter wheels of zucchini, and shredded brussells sprouts (in that order), and cooked until the kale started to brown. I added a drizzle of rice vinegar, small handful of cilantro, and a few halved (raw, unsalted) almonds at the end and cooked for another thirty seconds. I also added some crumbled feta on top to serve. It was shockingly flavorful, and I will definitely be using it as a veggie side in the future.


Last night, I met up with a friend to discuss the details of a forthcoming project, and much to my delight, he made me dinner. The salmon was pan-fried to perfection. The kale was sauteed with a handful of garlic. Potatoes were tossed in olive oil, rosemary, and garlic, and oven baked. Paired with a Manhattan = delicious.