Christmas Feast

My friend Katie cooked dinner for Christmas, and it was so very tasty. It was my job to make individual menus for the place-sittings:

CD 1


My plate. The cauliflower was ridiculous:

CD 2


Dessert. Roasted pear with marscapone and aged balsamic:

CD 3


So Good

Last Friday, a friend made me an incredible meal. I only captured two of the three parts on my camera. I wish I’d been more thorough — the shades of green were so vivid and varied. The other dish was brussel sprouts with a touch of sausage. I’m already a fan of brussel sprouts, but these. They were exceptionally good. Savory and sweet, and perfectly cooked.

hTere was also a hearty spinach salad with hard-boiled eggs, pickled beets, goat cheese, and I’m sure I’m missing something.
And kale chips. Brilliant.
kale chips

Breakfast in the Bronx

I spent part of last weekend with an old friend up in the Bronx. A stone’s throw from where I lived my first year out of college in Riverdale. Oh, the 1 train! On saturday morning, we went to Malecon, one of several establishments throughout the city that serve awesome Dominican food at most times of the day. We had scrambled eggs, rice, red beans, and tostones.

uptown 1

I remember many years ago, being given some of this sauce for the first time, and feeling concerned about the color. But it’s indescribably awesome. It’s some kind of pickled garlic. very potent, and the perfect garnish for the tostones. I need breakfasts like this more often.

uptown 2


Red Flannel Hash

This past saturday, I tried out a dish I had and fell in love with a while back at Brooklyn Label: red flannel hash. I started by boiling the beets.

RF 1

And simultaneously diced and pan-fried the potatoes (which I would later discover were a little underdone — note to self for next time).

RF 2

In a separate pot, I sauteed some onions for a minute and added the beets and potatoes. It might have made sense to consult a recipe at this point, but most of the time I’d just rather see what happens… I added some fried eggs on top, and immediately vowed to learn how to poach eggs.

RF 3
I added a little mixed greens and avocado and a side of bacon. Not bad.
RF 4