Garden Tomatoes

I’m in Michigan, visiting one of my dearest friends in Ann Arbor. Her boyfriend has transformed his front yard into a garden, and these tomatoes are part of the harvest. The little pear ones are my favorite.



Labor Day Food Fete

Labor Day is always full of endless good food, and this year was no exception. Katie and I arrived at her parents’ house on the Cape on Friday night, and per usual, she cooked an incredible feast for us. I would end up contributing to the festivities later in the weekend (to come in a later post), but that first night was all her. We had roasted potatoes, baked asparagus, and the most tender New York strip steak I’ve had in a long while.

LD 1

The next day, I turned the leftovers into a yummy summer salad by adding some greens, radish, tomato, and horseradish sauce. delicious.

LD 2