Seattle and Thereabouts

It’s my last night in Seattle. I’ve been here for a week, and it’s been nothing but food, drink, and more food. I spent two nights at the aunt of a good friend’s house, and it was a magical place on Lake Sammamish. We ate amazing meals morning, noon, and night — all cooked by my friend’s aunt, an amazing chef. Here’s a picture of our last dinner — duck confit, mole, grilled corn, and fruity-hot salsa:



On my second night here, my dear friend Heath threw a cocktail party for my arrival. The spread was beautiful. Not to mention fresh and delicious:

seattle 2

And let’s not forget the meal at the rehearsal dinner!

esattle 3



I’m in Seattle for the nuptials of one of my best friends, and I’m staying for a few days with a most gracious host — my hilarious-and-fabulously-fashion-forward friend, Heath — who made me an amazing frittata this morning for breakfast. Ingredients included egg, Greek yogurt, half-and-half, tomato, red onion, basil, and parmesan. What you see on top is a mayo-and-sriracha concoction that added a yummy little zing. We ate on the rooftop. YES.


Chicken Salad Sandwich

I just bid the beach farewell. SIGH. But before I left, I used leftover lemon chicken to make some chicken salad. I added some red onion, the rest of the funny jalapeno I used in the broccoli sauté the other night, mayo, salt, pepper, and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Threw it on some millet bread with two tomato slices and some mixed greens, and voilà.

chicken salad samy

Frozen Grapes

I’ve been up for hours, whittling away on my work, and am already ready for lunch. But even though my food clock is all weirded out by going to bed late and getting up early, I’m going to try and hold off for at least another hour. in the meantime, I think I’ll snack on some frozen grapes. A very delicious, super easy, sweet treat that my sister taught me years ago.


Lemon Chicken

Clearly, writing my dissertation proposal is going slowly if I’m posting two nights in a row. But a girl’s gotta eat, so here goes: tonight I cooked up some corn on the cob, stove-top-grilled some chicken breasts (marinated them in fresh lemon juice first, with a touch of olive oil, salt, and pepper), and sauteed some broccoli (with red onion, garlic, and some neat kind of jalapeno I’ve never seen before).

lemon chicken


here’s a close-up of said jalapeno:

pretty pepperIt was delicious. Now I wish I’d thought to get some ice cream. I could ride back into town, but after getting soaked in a downpour earlier, both me and the bike need to dry out for a minute. And I still have some of that watermelon…

Summertime Dinner at the Ocean

It’s amazing how at home I feel when I’m by the water. I always kind of forget until my hair is sticky with salt and my toes are covered in sand. So I jumped at the opportunity to spend a week out in Montauk — especially since I have so much work to do! I got here a few hours ago, and immediately jumped on a bike and headed to the grocery store. I don’t know if this will last me all week, but I hope so:



I kept dinner tonight light: watermelon and feta salad with your basic cold-cut sandwich (the tiny millet bread makes my sandwich look so wee, but it was goooood) — salami, honey ham, jack cheese, and greens:

montauk 2